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Rodent Control Can Make Your Home Safer and Healthier

When the topic of ‘pest problem’ is brought up, most people picture insects such as cockroaches, ants, or termites. But a pest problem can get a lot bigger than this! This happens when you discover you have a rodent problem, and are unsure of what to do. When you are dealing with a rat or mice infestation, these pests can be a real nuisance, and also a safety hazard. Not only can they make you feel uneasy at your own home, but can also spread diseases. Thankfully, rodent control companies near me can help you bring the situation under control!

Why Rats and Mice Are A Problem?

Rats and mice are not the prettiest of sights! And they present several problems. They can make your house filthy; and also find their way into food, and contaminate it. Rodents also are carriers of several diseases that can spread to people too! If you do not feel well, it could be the rodents and not the flu. Oftentimes, rodent-borne illnesses are misdiagnosed as the common flu, and go untreated until the condition gets worse. It is for these reasons that it is prudent that you take matters in your hands, at the very first sign of a rodent infestation.

Benefits of Rodent Control

Finding a rodent in your home is by no means fun. It is needless to say that prevention is better than cure. It is here that rodent control comes into the picture. When you hire best rodent control company in Sonoma County, professional exterminators will check around your home, and remove and seal out the rodents. Preventative methods are also employed to keep the rodents at bay. This will help stave off future infestations, and keep your home safe from rodents. This means that your home will be healthier, safer, and cleaner for you and your family!

DIY Methods vs. Professional Services

Several homeowners resort to various fixes to keep the rodents at bay. While some may use chemical solutions, others use mechanical baits. There are glue traps, traditional snap traps, and a bunch of other remedies, that claim to help in getting rid of rodents. But are these solutions effective? Well, the answer is NO. More often than not, these quick fixes do not help in bringing the infestation under control. While a trap can indeed catch a single rodent, it may not help you in dealing with an infestation. Though chemicals may be more effective than traditional traps, they can cause side effects, and even leave a carbon footprint.

On the contrary, professional rodent removal services such as Discreet Rodent Proofing use eco-friendly solutions to combat a full-blown rodent infestation. The method used by professionals to get rid of rodents is also more effective in the long term. This means that rodents are exterminated from your living environment – both inside and out!

If you are combating a rodent infestation, waste no time! Call Discreet Rodent Proofing at 707-528-8501 for a free estimate, and let the professionals do their job!

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