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Raccoons: The Wild Neighbors & Great Climbers

Raccoons often find themselves in the news! Videos of these little creatures climbing a 23-story building or crashing through the roof of skyscrapers has become a media sensation. While there is no epidemic of raccoons making their way up to the roof of man-made structures, when they do so, they command and capture our attention with their antics. And, as fascinating as it may seem, these creatures can be a pest and nuisance to an average American. Thankfully, if you do find yourself dealing with a raccoon infestation, you can seek the services of reputable dead wild animal removal company in Santa Rosa.

Getting Rid of Raccoons

Raccoons are intelligent and curious creatures. They love climbing and are good at what they do. In fact, their ability to climb is extraordinary. These creatures live the bulk of their lives right under our noses, and yet are invisible to our eyes. Though raccoons live in the wild, they often live in close proximity to humans owing to the abundance of food as well as denning opportunities. It is not uncommon to find a family of raccoons living inside your chimney. At times, they find their way into attics in an effort to find food, and can turn into a menace. Eliminating food sources is hands-down the first step to deter raccoons.

Secure Your Trash Cans – Trash attracts raccoons. If you leave your trash accessible, the odds are raccoons will find their way to your home. If you have to leave trash outside, ensure it is wrapped up in a heavy trashcan that has a secure lid. You may use a bungee cord or some rope or wire to keep the lids in place.

Bring in Pet Food – If you have pets, and you leave food outdoors, be sure to bring it in before night to keep raccoons from eating out of your pet’s dish.

Watch Your Bird Feeders – If you have a bird feeder, consider using a shepherd’s hook or simply bring in the feeder at dusk to keep raccoons at bay.

Pick Up Fallen Nuts and Fruits – Raccoons enjoy natural food as much as we do. Pick up fallen fruits and nuts from time to time. Keeping your yard clean will make it less attractive to the raccoons.

Do Not Feed Raccoons – As tempted as you may be, do not provide food to raccoons. Also, discourage your neighbors from feeding them. While raccoons may be cute, providing them an available food source will only create a bigger problem.

If you are dealing with a raccoon infestation, and the above tips haven’t helped, you may need the expert services of Discreet Rodent Proofing – the best dead wild animal removal in Santa Rosa. We have years of experience in dealing with all kinds of infestations, and can help you make your home free from raccoons! Call us today at 707-528-8501.

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