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Keep a Check on these Openings to Save Your House from Wildlife

Growing a vegetable garden can be very rewarding. However, it also is an invitation to wild animals who are eager to enjoy the fruits of your labor. It can be a challenging task to keep animals out of your garden. If you have been struggling with this for long, use these simple yet effective tips from Discreet Rodent Proofing – experts at dead animal removal in Sonoma County. The first step in keeping wildlife out of your home and garden is to foolproof your homely abode. Watch over these openings to deter wild animals from entering your garden and saving your veggies for your family to enjoy!

Through your garden –This is a no-brainer! Most wild animals make their way into your home through your garden. A simple yet effective way to keep wild animals from entering your vegetable garden or yard is to simply erect a fence. There are a variety of fence types that you can choose from that work great. While some may be expensive and will take some effort to be put in place, these fences can be built around an entire garden to protect it from invasion. It is also a good idea to bury approximately 1 to 2 inches of your fencing underground to block any burrowing animals from finding their way in.

Wild animals are always on the lookout for threats. They will not make their way into your garden unless they feel safe in it. Use this to your benefit. Add devices in your backyard that are designed to scare and startle animals that make their way in. You could use modern scarecrows that have built-in motion sensors that will spray water at invading wildlife. If that doesn’t do the trick, you can bring home a watchdog to keep wild animals out. Certain repellents made of shiny material can also help keep certain wildlife away.

Construction Gaps – Yet another common entry point for squirrels of all sizes and shapes aside from small critters such as rats and mice, is construction gaps. Oftentimes when your home is built, a gap is left along the roofline. If you have any construction gaps, you can easily seal it using galvanized metal. This is durable and weather proof, and blocks the entry point, and thus keeps animal’s outdoors where they belong. You may also seal gaps and cracks in the exterior of your home to keep the animals at bay.

Damaged Shingles –Shingles, like all other parts of your home, tend to get damaged. This can happen due to heat, age, wind and many other factors. They can blister, curl up, or even fall off making an obvious entry way for wildlife into your home. It is therefore important to inspect your shingles periodically and have them repaired promptly to keep nasty critters from making your home theirs.

Chimneys –Raccoons and squirrels love climbing. Getting down your chimney and into your home is a cakewalk for critters. Bats too, roost inside the chimneys of homes quite often. Thankfully, this can be remedied easily. Install chimney caps that are made from stainless steel to keep wildlife from entering in. You must also inspect the chimney cap from time to time and replace it if you find wear and tear.

Wild animals are slick; they can manage to find their way into homes through the above-mentioned openings and turn into a nuisance. If you have a dead wild animal in your home that you need to get rid of, look no further than DiscreetRodentProofing. Call us today at 707-528-8501. We are ready to serve you at your beck and call, and ensure top-quality dead animal removal in Sonoma County.

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