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Eco-Friendly Ways for Dead Animal Removal in Sonoma County

Do you often have dead animals on your property? If so, your first priority is to dispose them properly. It is your responsibility to do so as the owner. In many cases, homeowners do not know what to do next when they see a dead animal on their property. Although it is entirely up to you to decide on a method for dead animal removal in Sonoma County, it is important to make sure that you do it with care. Aside from polluting the air, soil and ground-water, carcasses can be a health hazard to humans as well as other animals. This is why it is extremely important to make sure that you practice proper disposal methods.

Eco-Friendly Dead Animal Removal Methods

To make sure that a carcass is removed in a safe and eco-friendly way, you can use the following methods for dead animal removal in Sonoma County.

1. To Bury Small Animals: If you have a yard, you can bury hamsters, rodents and other small animals. However, you should make sure that you check the burial requirements of your state. Regulations on how deep to bury dead animals, etc. vary from state to state. Make sure not to bury a dead animal near a water source or an area that tends to flood. Wrap the body in a plastic bag, place it in a box, and then bury it in a deep hole. It is a good idea to place some paving stones over the burial spot so that scavengers do not dig the body out.

2. To Bury Larger Animals: Composting is a good idea if you have to dispose the body of a larger animal, such as livestock, horses or birds. You must make sure that the hole you dig is at least 6 feet deep and has soil cover of at least 30 inches. You should also make sure to bury the body in well-drained soil, and a minimum of 200 feet away from a public well or water source. It is important to keep in mind that you should never bury a dead animal in wetlands or the shoreline. Before you bury the body, you should make sure to check with the environmental agency or state vet to find out whether or not you can compost an animal in your yard. You can use covering material such as hay, straw and sawdust with manure to minimize odor. Keep in mind that for optimal composting, you will need to heat up the compost pile.

Hire a Company for Dead Animal Removal in Sonoma County

If burying a dead animal in your yard is not an option or if you would rather not do the job, you should seek the help of a professional in dead animal removal in Sonoma County. To make sure that the job is done right, choose Discreet Rodent Proofing. Call us at 707-528-8501 if you need to get rid of a dead animal from your farm or backyard!

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