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Check Your House for These Openings to Keep Wildlife Out

Wild animals can be a real pest; and cause all kinds of health issues as well as damage that can affect you and your loved ones’ quality of life. Therefore, it is important to solicit the services of wildlife control services in Santa Rosa. This is because it is important to find out how these animals get in and out of the house, which can be difficult for you to spot on your own. Animal entry holes can be in a variety of different spots around your property. Listed below are a few entry points that must be periodically checked and sealed to ensure animals do not enter your home.

The Roof: Your roof is a gateway for wildlife to make their way into your home. There are a bunch of ways that your roof can be a source of entry such as vents that are left open, cracked vents, and even deteriorating wood along the edges. The first step in spotting entry holes in the roof is to carry out an external examination of your roof. Look out for signs of chewed up vents or tiles hanging slightly askew. A loose tile that has a little bit of up and down movement can be a weak point that wild animals can use to gain access to your roof.

Holes in Your Attic: There are many small and dark nooks in your attic that you may find hard to inspect. However, rats can squeeze through holes that are just the size of a quarter. In short, any slight light that you see in your attic leading to the outside could be a potential entry point. Once wild animals locate a soft spot to claw at, they will force their way into your attic, and make themselves comfortable especially in winter months. A good way to find out how raccoons and rats get into your attic is to look out for droppings!

Uncovered Chimney: While you may not care much for your chimney, wild animals find it a cozy haven. Raccoons, squirrels, and even bats find chimney a safe place to birth their babies. This is because they trust the structure as it is much like the insides of a hollowed-out tree.

Plumbing: Another entry way you may have to look over is the plumbing on your roof. There are chances that critters can enter through the plumbing on the roof if the mat that is used to keep them out is either torn or removed. Be sure to have a professional who inspects the roof also take a peek into the plumbing to make sure there are no wild animals nesting inside.

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