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3 Tips to Get Rid of Rodents

Are rodents invading and creating havoc in your home? Living with rodents is not just frustrating, bothersome, and embarrassing, but alsogives birth to a major health hazard. Did you know that rats and mice use urine to communicate? This means they leave behind trail of urine as they scurry through your home and scavenge for food. Rodents also, have the tendency to gnaw on anything they find on their way, which can lead to considerable damage to your belongings.

If you have just identified a rodent in your home, then do not panic! We present to you a few simple tips that you can try before you call a reputed rodent removal company in Marin County.

  1. Use the Rodents’ Feeding Habits Against Them

Rodents are quite wary of new food. They are rather careful and will only nibble a teeny bit of something new and wait for a while to check whether they can gulp it or harms them. If they find no sign of poisoning, they will gorge on the food until their tummies are full. Other rodents will then follow them. This is exactly why even the most effective baits take a couple of days to work – if the bait kills a rodent immediately, all other rodents will avoid that. For at least a week or ten days, this is a good idea to keep a supply of fresh bait, or until such time that you see reduced rodent activity.

  1. Use Scents that are Rodent and Mice Repellent

The smells that most rodents and mice simply hate are that of garlic, cayenne pepper, and peppermint. All rodents’ varieties have a sharp sense of smell, so it would be a wise idea use these odors in your home at different locations to avoid their presence. A simple and an effective way to do this is to soak some cotton balls in peppermint and place at different locations that you think are most frequently visited by pesky pests. Use this tactic in conjunction with other remedies to keep your home rodent-free.

  1. Use Aluminium Foil to line Strategic Areas of Your Home

While this may sound like an unconventional remedy that may not work, it’s worth trying. Aluminium foil acts like kryptonite to rodents. Lay the foil, or line up areas with the highest concentration of rodent activity, and you will identify that the rodents will stay steer clear of that area. Also, ensure to wrap up all the leftovers within aluminium foil so, as to keep rodents away from nibbling and contaminating your food.

If all these tips fail to keep rodents away then, you may need professional help to deal with a severe infestation. Contact Discreet Rodent Proofing – the best service provider who renders top-notch rodent removal in Marin County.

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