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Discreet Rodent Proofing

Why Professional Commercial Pest Control in Marin County is Necessary for Your Business

Some problems can be fixed after they appear.  Other problems should be avoided entirely.  Pests, particularly rodents, are a problem which definitely needs to be avoided.  Few things can harm a business’s reputation more quickly than a visitor spotting a rodent.  Even one will cause people to assume the worst.

Quality pest control in Marin County isn’t just a matter of cleanliness; it’s a security measure.  It protects your good name while bringing numerous other benefits.

Three Reasons to Hire Pest Control in Marin County Before You Have Problems

1 – Protect your property investment

A rodent infestation can harm your property far more than it harms your customers.  Rodents and other pests will burrow into anything their claws can scratch, potentially damaging your insulation, support structures, basement, and more.  They can also cause significant damage to items in storage, not to mention getting into any food you have on-site.  The longer the infestation goes without being uncovered, the worse the damage will be.

2 – Prevent the reappearance of pests

If your property has suffered an infestation in the past, it’s doubly important to have your building regularly checked by pest control specialists.  Going forward, you’ll always be at higher risk of reappearance.  Even the best exterminators may have difficulty identifying and closing every single point of ingress a mouse might use, or destroying every single egg from insects that lay thousands at a time.  Vigilance is truly your best defense against the reappearance of vermin.

3 – Keep everyone safe

Much of the time, the health dangers of an infestation don’t come from the living creatures.  It comes from what they leave behind.  Both their droppings and their corpses create serious vectors for disease and other health issues.  Few things can contaminate a previously hygienic environment more quickly than a pest infestation.  Plus, of course, poison only makes the situation worse.  You need chemical-free pest control that keeps everyone safe.

Get Discrete Pest Control in Marin County at Affordable Rates

Discrete Rodent Proofing knows your reputation is everything.  We arrive in vans that don’t advertise our business, then thoroughly check for all forms of rodent invaders, along with other pernicious pests.  We’ll even help you fix any damage that’s been done.

Contact Discrete Rodent Proofing today to schedule an appointment.

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